Pick any Canadian city in any Canadian province and you'll find a diverse range of industries keeping every city afloat. Canada is a country known to be very multi-cultural and the business and industry landscape is the same. You can't point to just one industry such as high-tech and say that marketing firms rule Canada. It wouldn't be fair to all the other Canadian businesses in the various industries that make up Canada's business sector. Just type in the words "Canadian business and industry" in your favourite search engine site and you'll find thousands of results. Of course just because the Canadian industries are as diverse as the citizens that make up the fine country of Canada that doesn't mean there aren't a few industries that make up a bigger chunk of the Canadian economy than others.

When it comes to the landscape of Canada's industry there are three sectors that lead the way and they are natural resources, services and manufacturing. If you teach yoga classes, work at a car manufacturing plant in Ontario or work for the Ministry of Natural Resources you would be one of the proud members of the above mentioned industries.

While there are only three industries mentioned you have to take into account all the various industries, jobs and sectors that make those three boom the way they do. You cannot build a brand new house without a having a completed inspection (learn more here), a bathtub or living room furniture, right? Every little part counts in the grand scheme of things. When it comes to the services sector, it makes up 67.9% of Canada's GDP and about 75% of Canada's working population is employed in the services industry. The service industry includes such business sectors as education, retail, entertainment, real estate and tourism. That means the services sector can include such jobs as hair stylist, film producers and children's clothing store managers.

When it comes to natural resources some of the main natural resources in Canada are tobacco, barley, vegetables, oilseed, fish, wheat and dairy products. When it comes to manufacturing, the top manufactured products in Canada are food products, paper and wood products, unprocessed and processed minerals, fish and transportation equipment. As you can see by the three main business industries and their various sub-sectors Canada has one very diverse economy. There are a wide range of Canadian businesses that help shape who Canada is and if you have any plans of opening a new business in Canada you will be well served to follow suit and focus your energies into the services, natural resources or manufacturing industries.

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