There are a lot of things you have to concern yourself with when you're traveling such as making sure you paid all your bills before leaving for your vacation, setting up all relevant appointments with dentist or doctor, and packing everything you need for your trip, just to name a few. Forget one small thing and your whole trip could potentially be ruined.

If you're traveling across borders during your vacation then you also need to worry about what you can and cannot bring with you as you cross the border leaving entering state or country lines. Every country has their own list of prohibited items that aren't allowed on their soil and you need to study up on that list so that you don't find yourself doing something illegal, whether it was an accident or not.

So, before you get on that plane that will be taking you abroad or hopping in your car that you'll be driving in to visit your neighboring country, make sure you find out what you can and can not pack on your trip. A quick visit to the website for the Transpiration Security Administration or TSA, handily organizes prohibited traveling items into the following groups: sharp objects, sporting goods, guns and firearms, tools, martial arts and self defense items, explosive and flammable materials, disabling chemicals, and other miscellaneous items.

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If you want the complete list of prohibited traveling items then go to the TSA website and print it off so you can create your own handy checklist to reference while packing. For a general idea of what you can put into your suitcase or carry on baggage let us help you out with that. For instance razor blades aren't allowed in your carry-on baggage but are permissible if they're in your checked baggage, whereas scissors are allowed in both. Tennis racquets and ice skates are both free to travel in your carry-on and checked luggage but sporting good items like pool cues are only allowed in your checked baggage. Also, while some guns are safe for travel in checked baggage like pellet guns gun powder of any kind can't travel across land borders.

You also should be aware that what might be legal in one country, state or province could be illegal in another and that it's your responsibility to find out what you're allowed to bring with you while traveling. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're fine bringing a razor hunting knife on your trip to Africa only to find out that it's a prohibited item. Travel smart and safe and you shouldn't have any worries of being detained at the border.

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