We know how tough it can be owning and operating a business, especially if you're an owner of a brand new company still trying to get a footing in the market. You have all these wild ideas and dreams of opening a business that's going to become the next big thing and provide for you and your family for years to come.

What some people don't tell you during the beginning ideas forming in your head about selling products, is that new businesses take time to get off the ground. You might actually end up operating for losses the first few years of existence. Don't let that deter you though because there are options out there that you can turn to when your business is struggling financially in the early going.

Financial support and assistance can come in a variety of different ways and eligibility will all depend on your business and expectations. The government is one place you can turn to for financial support. There are many grants, loans and tax breaks offered by local, national and federal levels of government that you can apply for if you need money to keep your business afloat.

Talk to a government representative who can steer you in the right direction to determine which loans, tax breaks, or grants you can apply for that will infuse your business ideas with much needed financial support.

In addition to government programs you can also find financial support from your bank. There is a wide range of business loans banks make available for business owners of all kind. Whether you own a small or large business, banks can provide you with whatever amount of money you need to keep your business from going bankrupt or paying your creditors off.

Whether you're a self-employed Toronto realtor or own a respectable computer repair shop you need to be prepared for those times when your business is struggling to make money. Don't be stubborn and think you can ride it out. It might not happen so go out and apply for any business grants and loans you can get and see which tax breaks your business may qualify for.

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